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Geochemical and Reactive Transport Modeling of Geologic CO2 Storage

A Hands-On Workshop on Fundamentals of Subsurface Geochemical Processes, Fluid-Rock Interaction, and Reactive Transport Modeling Required for Carbon Capture, and Storage (CCS) Risk Assessment, EPA Class VI Regulatory and ISO 27914 Voluntary Applications

Our Hybrid Online and In-Person Workshop Has Been Attended By 100+ Professionals and Academics from Global Major E&P, and Oilfield Service Companies and Research Institutes 

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Outline of the Workshop

  • Review of EPA Class VI and ISO 27914 geochemical and reactive transport modeling requirements 

  • Principles of Geochemical Reactions and Processes, Kinetics vs. Equilibrium Formulation, Reactive Transport Modeling 

  • Introduction to PHREEQC, input/output/database files, acid-base, redox, ion exchange, and surface complexation reactions 

  • BUILD MODEL I: fluid-rock compatibility -> CO2 dissolution/mineralization at different pressure and temperature conditions 

  • BUILD MODEL II: Advective, reactive and dispersive (1D) Transport of CO2 


Green Town Labs, Houston, TX OR Virtual

Date and Time

06/07/2024 - 9:00 AM CST


35 Attendees


$1,945 (industry)

$1,445 (academic)


Babak Shafei, Ph.D.

Babak Shafei, is the founder and CEO of AquaNRG, an environmental and energy tech company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Under his leadership, AquaNRG has raised $1.4M seed fund through 3 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the US Department of Energy and National Science Foundation. 

He has more than 15 years of experience consulting major exploration and production companies to design and optimize energy production while mitigating the environmental footprint of their operations in conventional and unconventional plays. 

Babak holds Ph.D. in earth and environmental sciences from Georgia Institute of Technology where his Ph.D. thesis on multiscale reactive transport modeling received “Research Excellence Award”. In 2007, he received a prestigious Marie Curie fellowship from the European Commission which provided a unique opportunity for him to work on global water resources contamination and remediation strategies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

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